Standing Water Issues

The Board of Directors met on Thursday, March 29th at 6:00 pm.  On the agenda was an item to discuss solutions to the standing water issues residents are experiencing.

Henderson County engineer, Natalie Berry, was contacted to determine if there are County ordinance guidelines for the homeowners in River Stone.  Because the community was planned prior to 2017, there are no restrictions with regard to Henderson County.  However, the State will not allow water to be directly piped to the roads.

Also, drainage is not allowed directly into the Wetlands.

River Stone Covenants, Article 7, Sections 26 & 27, (Page 13) clearly states that it is the responsibility of the Homeowner and NOT the Home Owner’s Association to resolve these issues. Although the Board is sympathetic to your situation, unfortunately there is nothing the HOA can do to fix the standing water issue.

Please consult an expert of your choice to determine the best solution for your lot.  Once you have a plan of action, submit your proposal to the ARC Committee for approval.